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                                                                Hi Everyone!

My name is Jessica. ​Glad you found your way here!


It wasn't too long ago that I was organizing my house. I pulled out my lace runners from my wedding 7 years ago that had been sitting in a storage container. I have been lugging around these runners and had no use for them for SO LONG. I spent all that money and never used them again! I also looked back at my wedding and thought about my financial situation. There were many things at that time as a poor graduate student that I wanted, but just couldn't afford for my special day. Renting would have been a great way for me to afford modern decor and not worry about having no use for it.

So here I am!  My mission is to provide modern event rentals for everyone!

I hope you can find what you need to make your special day "extra special!"

P.S.  Bel Fiore means "Beautiful Flower" in Italian

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